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    Arduino Source Code
    Arduino Source Code Tips

    1.  Aduino source code would appear in here, when move the blocks in toolbox into the workspace.

    2.  For those who wants to use Arduino to upload code, please download the full libraries in order to have correct compilation. Please click here to download.

  • Uploader
    CodeBender Helper

    If CodeBender is not work, we could do:

    1.  Click here to download CodeBender App.

    2.  Unzip the zip file, which you downloaded before.

    3.  Open the Chrome Extension page, url:  chrome://extensions/

    4.  Drag the unzip file into the Chrome Extension page.


    We recommand you using Chrome to browse CocoBlockly.

    If you use other browser, then this part may not work well.

File Name

You can input a name for this file.

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You can select language here.

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You can click here to open a file which you saved before.

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You can click here to save all built blocks as a file.

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You can click here to delete all blocks in the canvas.

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Fundamental Blocks

You can choose different blocks with different functions here.
You can drag any one of them into the white canvas.

Arduino Codes

When using CocoBlockly, users not only could build up their application, but also could produce Arduino Codes, which are for advanced users.

One-Click Uploader

In here, you could use Codebender to upload to your codes to your electronic modules in Chrome.
(More browsers would support later.)

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Blocks Editors

From top to bottom, they are:
  1. finding blocks
  2. zoom-in
  3. zoom-out
  4. trash

CocoMod Blocks

You can choose different CocoMod electronic module blocks here.

Example Projects

You can click here to find some examples.

Serial Monitor

You can check the status of the serial in here.

Let's create a new project!